“Against All Odds”: Miss Ferguson’ Story

Miss Ferguson, a single mother of 2 sons (15 and 17 years old), survived the Category 5 Hurricane Dorian with speeds of 185mph on September 1st “through the grace of God”.

After being trapped in her vehicle with her children, watching tornados run rampant in her neighborhood and tear apart her home; this mother remains grateful for the well-being of her children and immediately sought to rebuild.

She noted that a tornado destroyed the back portion of her home while she and her family were all inside during the storm. They were then forced to face the dangerous winds as they tried to escape its destruction. However, they did not make it far. She and her children made it into her vehicle but was immediately pinned to a tree due to strong winds and debris.

“I cried and prayed” she noted as she recalls the experience, and “by the grace of God” her and her family were left unscathed.

Ferguson’ future home site being prepared for construction

After many closed doors, empty promises for assistance, and a series of unfortunate circumstances & encounters with relief agencies during her journey to rebuilding, Miss Ferguson was apprehensive when approached by yet “another relief agency” – ADRA Bahamas- to potentially be a part of the Love In Action Home Shell Project. It was only after seeking to establish good will, continuous open & honest dialogue and follow-up byProject Officer, Miss Marniqua Dean, initial feelings of frustration & mistrust evolved into respect & trust and a positive relationship ensued.

ADRA Bahamas’ Hurricane Dorian Shell Home Construction Project is focused on the implementation of two activities—the construction of shell homes (or as we call it- “LoveIn Action”) and the Forest Heights Academy school rehabilitation in the education sector—to return affected students to school and families in Central Abaco affected by Hurricane Dorian through the loss of their homes to a stable shelter environment, that meetshurricane standards and mitigates future harm and damage.

Now, we can proudly say that we have successfullyprovided a shell home to Miss Ferguson and her familywho expressed her gratitude by saying “thank you somuch, I am crying tears of joy.”

Miss Ferguson remains hopeful for the future and is one step closer to providing a safeand comfortable environment for her and her children.

This project was funded by the TK Foundation and implemented by ADRA Bahamas. Tohelp us continue this Project’ efforts, to financially support this project donate now orlearn of our other project activities at www.adra.bs/projects-2.