The Atlantic Hurricane Season begins in....

Are you prepared and packed? The Atlantic Hurricane Season has begun.

Are you prepared? Have you begun packing your supplies and checking your kits?

What's in YOUR disaster kit?

Tips and Resources

We have ONLINE COURSES available for groups!

Get Prepared! Get Packing!

A very quick. yet self-paced and easy online course geared towards students in the 7th to 9th Grade (Junior High School). It provides basic information to heighten hurricane awareness and preparation. We can add or subtract the assignments created for further learning.

Disaster Risk Reduction & Resilience

A self-paced course geared towards community leaders, teachers and easy enough for anyone to take an introductory course to preparedness.

Groups must be at least 15 persons for the course to run. Exceptions are made for less, however, the cost will be higher. Groups of 20 or more will receive a discount. 

For further information, please email [email protected]